#131 7 ​Ways ​to ​Get ​(More) ​Consistent ​Jewelry ​Sales ​This ​Year

consistent jewelry sales
Lots of designers are looking for ways to get more consistent jewelry sales in their business.

But where do you get the right advice?

It seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to your business… friends, family, random guys at the coffee shop?

Don’t let it discourage you! At the end of the day, you know what’s best for your dream client.

Plus, I have some killer tips that work for whatever stage your business is in!

Seriously these will help you totally crush your sales goals every month!

If you’re ready to commit to yourself and your business, hit play now!

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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

In order to have a consistent sales cycle, take a look at what you’re already doing. Where are your sales coming from? How can you expand that sales avenue? What are your goals? Don’t change everything at once, otherwise you won’t know what’s giving you results.

If you’re making sales now, that’s great! Analyze what’re doing and focus on what gets you fired up! Consistent jewelry sales come from the combination of a good sales avenue and a good attitude!

Close The Sale

Has this happened to you? People compliment you on your jewelry, and…you freeze! It’s easy to just say thanks and hand them your business card, but how can you take it a step further?

Share with them the meaning behind the pieces you’re wearing, or simply say “I’d love to follow up with you if you’re up for it.” Memorize a call to action you can say in person so customers know exactly what to do next. Don’t be pushy but be thought-provoking!

Find Your Biggest Fans

Your existing customers can be your biggest fans! They can also be a great way to attract consistent jewelry sales! We like to talk a lot about this over at Flourish and Thrive, we call it the “sharing economy.” Where someone is so thrilled with your work, they share it with everyone they know!

It’s so easy with social media for customer to share designs they love! This is a super fun way to engage clients and get more eyes on your stuff.

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consistent jewelry sales

xo, Tracy


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2 Responses to #131 7 ​Ways ​to ​Get ​(More) ​Consistent ​Jewelry ​Sales ​This ​Year

  1. Thank You Tracy!
    I have been making one of a kind jewelry for about 4 years and people do recognize it.As soon as they sea new piece they know it’s mine. My problem is selling. I have invested on a website well made. Now I need the customers. I will follow your advise! Yes, I di write it down.

  2. Thanks. I’m one of the ones who spend 75% making. I’m learning to facet to cut gemstones for wedding and engagement rings in my 3 year plan to mainly have this as my business. Currently I cut and polish cabochons and make jewellery pieces. Still seem to make more sales in the lapidary side as I em a geologist. But guess do need to work on my dream clients for now,do the collections for them now, if want the jewellery side to grow. Thanks

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