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#94 How to Attract Massive Publicity by Applying for Grants and Awards
“Fake it ‘til you Make it” I used to say that to my yoga students all of the time when I would teach them arm balances. Guess what, it works! They would believe they could levitate and eventually they did. Do you get uncomfortable at the thought of faking it till you make it? I see it this way… If you’re ac [READ MORE]
#81 Where Should I Invest My Money to Grow My Jewelry Business?
There are three things in life. The things you know, the things you don’t know, and the things you don’t know you don’t know. That last one can get you into serious trouble! It was also me about 7 years ago when my first business failed and I started over with and launched a new business, my custom jewelry brand.. Trembling, terri [READ MORE]
#71 Fun Financial Planning for Your Jewelry Business with Justin Krane
Who said financial planning has to be a chore? Stressing over a mess of paper is so last year. Well, maybe you can’t get rid of the papers, but, it can totally be fun. I’m serious! I used to think it was the worst, too. But a few years ago I was introduced to someone who made my numbers exciting and fun for me. N [READ MORE]
#67 Incorporating Philanthropy into Your Jewelry Biz
How many of you donate to charities or a cause that you’re passionate about? How many of you WANT to donate a percentage of sales or profits to your favorite cause, but aren’t sure where to begin? Raise those hands, designers! I know you’re out there! Adding an aspect of Philanthropy into your business is a huge aspir [READ MORE]
#41 How To Win A Grant For Your Jewelry Business with Hilary Halstead Scott
It’s the saddest story in the jewelry industry- A talented designer pulls the plug on their jewelry biz too soon because there’s nobody to come alongside them and teach them the business component of their creative passion. It happens WAY too often in our field…but it doesn’t need to ever happen again! Here’s why [READ MORE]
#40: The Biggest Pricing Mistakes That Cost You Big Time
Let’s go back to school today... Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten feedback that your jewelry is priced too high or too low. Raise your hand if you aren’t making enough sales because of price resistance that you don’t know about... …Seriously, get your hand up. Because I can pretty much guarantee that if we [READ MORE]
#39 Simple Tips To Understand Your Financial Reports with Mariel Diaz
On today’s episode, we’re talking all about numbers and financial reporting! ...Okay, so I probably lost the attention of about half of you with that sentence. Stay with me, today’s subject is critical for you to grasp! I totally get it: As creative designers, most of us don’t love financial reports, extensive bud [READ MORE]
#32 Making a Living As A Jeweler with Gwynne Rukenbrod Smith of SNAG
A big step for most jewelry makers today is going from making jewelry as a form of expression to making jewelry for a living. It can be especially difficult in today’s modern world, with social media and ecommerce. (Not to mention the cost of precious metals has risen steadily since the recession of 2008.) Some struggle with capi [READ MORE]

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