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Happy Birthday to Tracy (2016 edition)!
Hello from Asheville… it’s true...tomorrow is my birthday!. Robin surprised me about 4 times with birthday cakes at dinners and lunches... already. I was literally surprised every single time! At first, I was kind of like... "Robin, come on! We already celebrated." But I eventually just embraced it. There's no stopping [READ MORE]
The FREEDOM Method Challenge
Contest Rules & Regulations You must be registered for the Challenge. Click here to join! You must have completed ALL challenges by end of the day April 22nd, 2016. All contest entries MUST be posted to Instagram and tagged with both #FREEDOMMethodChallenge and @Flourish_Thrive You will be judged based on crea [READ MORE]
Interview with Marie Forleo + B-School Bonus Suite Revealed
  What gets you excited to get out of bed every morning? One of my favorite things in the world is to wake up in the morning, check my inbox, and see an inquiry for an engagement ring or heirloom redesign. There are many reasons why I love it, maybe because I get to participate in such a HUGE life event, but it’s a dai [READ MORE]
The Strategies That Are Helping Jewelry Designers Triple Their Holiday Sales
What would you do if you could easily triple your sales and number raving fans over last year? It’s a fact that the holiday season can account for nearly 50% of annual revenue for most jewelry businesses. What most designers sometimes fail to remember is that preparing for the Holiday sales season starts now! (Yes, in the m [READ MORE]
How to Plan a Holiday Sales Cycle That Increases Your Revenue by 50% Over Last Year
July is the start of the third quarter and before you know it the holiday season is going to be here. When I had my wholesale and RTW jewelry business, the last 4 months of the year always accounted for nearly 50% of my sales. Every year, I would create a plan, take steps to achieve that vision and finally take action. I remember on [READ MORE]
Quick Ways to Get “Results” for Your Jewelry Business
Over the years, I’ve been really “results” focused in my jewelry business. For me, setting goals and achieving those goals is so gratifying. In fact, most recently, I had a strong desire to have a waiting list for my jewelry clients. So I set my intention, sealed it with my coach and, lo and behold, a month later, I literall [READ MORE]
Win a Full Scholarship for F&TA’s Multiply Your Profits Course!
There is a scholarship contest for our Multiply Your Profits course! This course is guaranteed to change your life and your jewelry business! You can go here to hear more about the course content and FREE trainings: Multiply Your Profits This course is perfect for jewelry designers who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and get b [READ MORE]
Employees vs. Independent Contractors: What You Need to Know When Adding to Your Team
Are you a jewelry designer who is ready to add to your team but you aren't sure where to start? Does the thought of committing to a full time or part time employee make your nervous? How much do you want to be able to direct the person working for you? Before you go on hiring someone, you need to know the pros and cons of hiring an emp [READ MORE]

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