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As a jewelry designer or maker, you’re probably interested in moving to online sales. There’s so much upside and flexibility for you, but getting traction in a crowded online space is tough. Next thing you know, you’re not getting enough sales to keep your business going and you’re in frustration station! Totally get it! I’ve [READ MORE]
#132 How to Stop Attracting Bargain Shoppers
Want to turn your passion for jewelry design into a “real” career? Not sure where to start? The best way to grow your business is to get the right customers! On today’s episode I’m chatting about how to stop attracting bargain shoppers! These tips will help you attract the right clients, so you’re earning the mon [READ MORE]
#131 7 ​Ways ​to ​Get ​(More) ​Consistent ​Jewelry ​Sales ​This ​Year
Lots of designers are looking for ways to get more consistent jewelry sales in their business. But where do you get the right advice? It seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to your business... friends, family, random guys at the coffee shop? Don’t let it discourage you! At the end of the day, you know what’s be [READ MORE]
#122 Forging ​Amazing ​Client ​Relationships ​with ​Robin ​Kramer ​& Andrea ​Li
Ever wonder how some designers seem to always make sales without even trying? When I started out, I definitely felt that way. The secret to making consistent sales might be more obvious than you think! We have an awesome guest on today’s podcast, Andrea Li. She has an incredible jewelry brand called Andrea Li Designs bas [READ MORE]
#113 Digital Marketing Momentum Series Part 3: How to Master Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Standing out online really boils down to continuity. Everything about your brand and marketing strategy needs to be saying the same thing, otherwise people get confused. This takes a lot of thinking, planning, and careful execution. However, once you know your strategy the rest gets a lot easier! Deciding what to post, how to [READ MORE]
#107 Clever Ways to Split Test Images to Grow Your Etsy Sales
Lots of jewelry designers get started by setting up an Etsy shop! Selling jewelry on Etsy is a really great way to get yourself out there, but getting noticed on Etsy is an art of its own. If you’ve been feeling lost in a big sea of Etsy jewelry designers, you’re not alone! In fact, we’ve had a few Etsy experts on the s [READ MORE]
#106 Ask Tracy: What to do When Your Jewelry Business is at a Stand Still
Feeling stuck is a common struggle for jewelry makers trying to grow from side-hustle seller to full-time jewelry designer. It seems like we're getting a lot of questions about this lately from our online groups and comments. So I wanted to start off this new “Ask Tracy” segment of Thrive by Design with my best advice on wha [READ MORE]
How To Sell to Retail Stores: The 5 Things You Must Do
As a jewelry designer, I'm asked all the time how to sell to retail stores. You’re ready. You’ve decided selling your jewelry wholesale is right for your brand, but you aren’t sure how to get started. Here are a few tips on how to approach a buyer for a store: (more…) [READ MORE]

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